Advertising Possibilities

The core product of FC Ingolstadt 04 is the sale of emotions and events of a real special class. It is the fascination, passion and enthusiasm that connects the FC with their fans and especially also with their sponsors. ‘Being there’ and ‘helping shape’ are a continuous guarantee that both sides have a mutual connection.

Advertising formats in the stadium

Football is the most popular sport there is amongst Germans. No other sport in this country has a stronger media presence. No other sport draws so many spectators.

Through a Sponsorship with FC Ingolstadt 04 your advertising message will arrive exactly where it is supposed to arrive at: right at the heart of the fans and the spectators.

It is exactly this emotional atmosphere in the stadium that opens up enormous potential for sponsors, so that their brand has an individual appearance. Bind the audience through shared emotional experiences to your company and thus raise your brand awareness.

The advertising possibilities at FC Ingolstadt 04 are equally creative as they are versatile. We will introduce you to various possibilities in our Sponsorship brochures that can be adapted to your requirements at any time.

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