The football club’s Facebook page is one of the most popular fan pages in the Ingolstadt region. As well as giving supporters the chance to communicate with other fans and with the club, the FC Ingolstadt 04 Facebook page also offers a range of content and special promotions such as competitions.

Since October 2009, FC Ingolstadt 04 has offered its fans a point of contact to the club through this social network. Die Schanzer have a truly multimedia presence here: chats, photo galleries, videos and interesting articles are all posted on Facebook. And of course, the users are involved in a whole host of different things. For example, there was once a competition for the best motivational slogan. Facebook users regularly get the chance to ask FCI players or officials questions as well. Due to the original nature of the questions, this type of interview goes down very well with the players themselves too.

FCI on Facebook: http://fci.de/facebook