“FCI: Fußballtradition Ingolstadt” (FCI: Football tradition of Ingolstadt) is a photo blog on tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging service with more than 42 million blogs and 18 million posts.

FC Ingolstadt 04 started the blog in order to document its history and to present to a new type of online audience in the 21st century. Rather than publishing an endless stream of words which would undoubtedly be ignored by those with a short attention span, our posts include photographs which tell the success story of FCI as well as the two teams that existed before the merger: ESV and MTV Ingolstadt. Some of the images are well-known; others have long since been forgotten.

The site of course contains images of club icons Michael Lutz, Andreas “Zecke” Neuendorf and Andreas Buchner. There are also plans to show images of the “team behind the team” and the fans, who have all played their part in making FC Ingolstadt 04 what it is today.

It is surely ideal for all those wanting to uncover more about the history of football in Ingolstadt!

FCI on tumblr: http://fci.de/FussballtraditionIN