Stadium map

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General information

The family-area (block Q, R, S) is a non-smoking area.

In the stadium you can only pay with the FCI fan card. Payment in cash is only possible in the guest area (block H and I).


Ticket prices

Category Block Presale Int. Presale Ext. BO Season ticket
Standing regular

G, U, V

H (Guest)

12,00 13,20 14,00 156,00
Standing reduced-price (b) 10,00 11,00 12,00 130,00
Standing children (a) 6,00 6,60 7,00 78,00
Behind-the-goal regular

A, D, E, F, J, K, R, T, X, W

I (Guest)

22,00 24,20 26,00 286,00
Behind-the-goal reduced-price (b) 18,00 19,80 22,00 234,00
Behind-the-goal children (a) 11,00 12,10 13,00 143,00
Limited-sight regular

F, T, W

I (Guest)

14,00 15,40 17,00 182,00
Limited-sight reduced-price (b) 11,00 12,10 13,00 143,00
Limited-sight children (a) 7,00 7,70 8,50 91,00
Back straight regular L, M, N, O, P, Q 28,00 30,80 34,00 364,00
Back straight reduced-price (b) 23,00 25,30 28,00 299,00
Back straight children (a) 14,00 15,40 17,00 182,00
Grandstand regular C 34,00 37,40 40,00 442,00
Grandstand reduced-price (b) 28,00 30,80 34,00 364,00
Grandstand children (a) 17,00 18,70 20,00 221,00
Family area regular (e) Q, R, S 18,00 19,80 22,00 234,00
Family area children (c, e) 4,00 4,40 5,00 52,00
Bambini ticket (d) alle Blöcke 1,00   1,00 13,00
Wheelchair user (f)     9,00     117,00
Visually handicapped (f)   9,00     117,00

Presale-Int.=Presale Internal, Presale-Ext.=Presale External, BO=Box office

(a) Reduced tickets are valid for children aged from 7 to 14.
(b) Reduced tickets are valid for adolescents aged from 15 to 17, students, BFD, senior citizens, severely disabled people, AUDI-employees, Media Saturn-employees, IG Metall-members and FCI-club members.
(c) Reduced tickets are valid for children aged from 1 to 14.
(d) Bambini tickets are valid for children until the age of 6, only in the sitting area. No claim to a separate seat. These tickets are exclusively available in our fan shops or on the day of the match.
(e) Purchase of at least one regular and one children´s ticket is required. Smoking is prohibited in this area.
(f) Companion included. Purchase of tickets exclusively through our ticket department (Geschäftsstelle).

To deliver proof the following documents are accepted: D for severely disabled people, IG Metall-members, FCI-club-members or Audi employees; Student-ID, BFD-ID. Holders of reduced-price tickets have to present their document of proof at the entrance.

Additional Charge
Reprint of day tickets         2,00 €
Reprint of season tickets   5,00 €

Day tickets
Ticket presales start after the games have been scheduled. Reservations cannot be made. Please note that for high-risk-games online purchase of tickets might not be possible.

Guest fans
Tickets for the away sector (blocks H and I) can be purchased exclusively via the ticket department of the guest club. Tickets that are left over from the presale can be bought on the game day. Persons that can be clearly classified as guest fans will be denied access to the blocks G, U, V and F, T, W.
In the stadium you can only pay with the FCI fan card. Payment in cash is only possible in the guest area (blocks H and I).

Group tickets
If you are planning a trip with your football club or your company, we invite you to experience a match day in the Audi Sportpark. For further information concerning ticket prices and conditions please contact our ticket department via

General Information

  • Is it possible to enter the stadium after the game has started?

    Yes, our stadium is open during the entire playing time.

  • When does the stadium open?

    The Audi Sportpark opens one and a half hours before kick-off.

  • Which items/personal belongings are permitted in the stadium?

    In general, visitors have to leave huge bigger bags at the respective entrance. They can be picked up again in the same place after the game. Furthermore, it is prohibited to carry liquids, weapons or similar objects. Further information concerning this topic is given on our website

  • How can I pay in the stadium?

    Paying at the kiosks will no longer be possible with the FanKarte. All commercial payment systems, for example EC-cards, credit cards (except American Express) or ApplePay can be used for payments. Deposits can only be rebooked cashless. On game days your FanKarte can be paid off and returned at the main cash desk. Our Fanshops offer this service also outside game days.

  • How are the regulations concerning the clothing of guest fans?

    In the standing areas U and V fans with clothing of the guest team will definitely be denied access. In every other non-guest stand there is a possibilty that access will be denied. Further information regarding this topic is given on our website

Day tickets

  • Do I need a ticket for my child?

    Children until the age of 6 need a so-called Bambini-ticket. This ticket does not include a seat, it is only used as an entrance authorization. Children from the age of 7 until the age of 14 need a children´s ticket (seat included).

  • Can I buy tickets for away matches on a home match day?

    Usually tickets for away games can be bought at the box office “Hauptkasse” on a home match day after the game has ended.

  • Can I return my ticket?

    No, in general tickets cannot be returned.

  • When is the start of the presales announced?

    The exact dates of the begin of the presales are announced via our website

  • When does the presale in the online shop end?

    Given that there are still tickets left, tickets for home matches can be ordered until kick-off. The deadline for the presale for away match tickets is announced on our website

  • How and where can I upgrade a ticket?

    If you have bought a reduced-price ticket and need to change it to a regular ticket, you can upgrade your ticket in our fan shops or via our online shop. Another possibility is to upgrade the ticket on the gameday at the main ticket office at the stadium or at the turnstile.

  • Which block is provided for guest fans? Are there tickets available at the box office?

    Block H (standing) and Block I (sitting) are provided for fans of the guest team.

    Guest tickets are only available through the away team.

  • Where do I get free tickets for referees?

    Tickets for referees can be picked up on the gameday at the “Nebenkasse” (opens 1,5 hours before kick-off). There is only a limited amount of free tickets available.

  • Where can I purchase tickets for wheelchair users, severely disabled people and visually handicapped people?

    Tickets for disabled people can be bought exclusively via our ticketing department.

Season tickets

  • Can I change the seat of my season ticket for one game?

    No. It is only possible to change your seat for the rest of the season. This requires of course that the seat is available for all upcoming games.

  • What can I do with my season ticket, if I am unable to attend a game?

    If for some reason it is not possible for you to attend a game, you can pass it on to somebody.

  • How and when can I renew the contract of my season ticket?

    By the end of the season our season ticket holders are informed via e-mail about the conditions for the new season.

  • How and where can I upgrade a ticket?

    If you want to lend your reduced-price season ticket to somebody and need to change it to a regular ticket, you can upgrade your ticket in our fan shops or via our online shop.